Twitter Makes Me Money

Twitter Makes Me Money Even When I Rage Tweet: Here’s How

McHammer follows me on Twitter. So does Paulette Perry from NCIS. I don’t mean to name drop, but really I do. The funny thing about Twitter is that I happen to attract a lot of business from the platform. Even though I rage tweet, share my political leanings, and am annoyingly obsessed with Colorado in most of my posts. Given all of these apparent issues with my feed why is it that I’m able to attract a lot of business from the app? Freelance projects that grow my brand, coaching clients, podcast listeners, and book buyers? Read on to learn more.

*In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. Please read my disclosure and privacy policy here.*

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Qube Money

When I first started my business, my finances were a mess. I was paying off debt and just trying to hustle until my business grew. I tried everything to keep my finances in order ranging from using online money management platforms, spreadsheets and the envelope system. This year I discovered Qube Money which is a digital envelope system paired with a debit card. You deposit your money into an FDIC insured account and then can spend based on dedicated Qubes that you’ve created within the app. If you’re paying for tools such as Flodesk for your emails, Thinkific to host your courses and coaching programs, or Deskpass for your coworking access, Qube keeps you organized and can be one of your dedicated business accounts. I’m a proud affiliate of Qube Money, check out the link that I share in the show notes.

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Brand Clarity

On Twitter it’s very difficult to pretend that you’re something that you’re not. In fact, these short snippets of interaction are basically endless reactions to observations, situations, opinions, funny videos, memes, and GIFS. Because of these interactions people gain the following insight into:

  • My personality
  • My beliefs
  • How I behave in contentious situations. Sometimes stuff comes up on social media.
  • Who my immediate connections are
  • The area of interest that focused on
  • Policy that I believe in
  • What I find funny

And more. Basically, Twitter makes it super easy for people to know on a surface level, who I am and what I do. It eliminates some of the guessing that slows down potential brand partnerships and collaborations. Twitter basically makes it easier to say “yes” to a person that you may want to collaborate with. Twitter also makes it easier to find the right people for your brand and client avatar.

Who You Follow On Twitter Matters

I don’t follow just anyone on Twitter. I currently have a very specific criteria to follow other feeds.

  • Similar interests by slightly different focus
  • People who work in the same space that I do
  • Other digital entrepreneurs
  • Editors for major content brands
  • Politicians
  • Local News Anchors
  • National News Anchors
  • Local entrepreneurs
  • Local movers and shakers
  • People who sell products that are a compliment to what I sell
  • Podcasters
  • People who love Colorado and the West
  • People who travel

All of these areas of interest aren’t random. They also compliment the type of content that I share on my different profiles and from my different funnels. What I’ve realized is that it takes just a few people retweeting well thought out content to other people who are interested in the same thing.

Twitter is Good for Multipassionate Content Creators

The list above is pretty long. I am a multi-passionate content creator and one of the most difficult lessons that I learned from that was where to focus first and then how to build funnels for the other interests. It’s possible. It just may take some time to do.

You can support people in your different areas of passion and share your expertise at the same time.

How I Make Money with Twitter

Twitter is a part of my overall brand funnel. Even if you don’t see me actively trying to get people to opt-in to my email list directly. Here’s how I’m able to monetize my feed:

  • Share monetized content-Affiliate marketing works well on Twitter and content that is monetized for affiliate income is great to share.
  • Direct people to my podcast content to listen to or to opt into. Podcast listeners typically are a captive audience if they listen to your show. These listeners also convert at a higher rate for goods and services sold by podcast hosts.
  • Optimize my profile so that would be collaborators understand what I can help them with. Don’t make people guess. Having information about the fact that I do offer freelance writing services has attracted a large number of projects that grow my brand. These projects include working with: Business Insider, Experian, BBVA to name a few.
  • Make Direct requests to:
    • Buy Me a Coffee-People know I love my coffee!
    • Purchase my courses
    • Or buy my books
    • Sign up for my events
  • Coaching-I’ve had people reach out via my DMs in order to arrange for coaching services from me.
  • Ad views-I’m in the process of building out content for YouTube and my Colorado website. Those are the two places where I would like ad sales. Dropping links to that content will help to generate ad views via Twitter followers (as well as shares)

Ready to Say “Yes!” To Twitter?

Just like with any social media platform, it’s good to figure out if it’s a good fit for your personality and for your brand. I will admit that I strongly, strongly dislike Romancelandia Twitter because it’s way too intense for me. But, for some reason I do love personal finance/political Twitter.

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