Shida's On the Loose

Shida’s On the Loose

It pains me to say that Roshida and I spoke late Fall 2019. I was recording a number of interviews to release in 2020. But, her episode got pushed back because I found myself increasingly focused on addressing the complexities of race, class and fascism in America. Then 2020 exploded in our faces. Pandemic, racial unrest, women losing jobs at rates unseen in recent history. Then, I began hearing over and over again how people wanted to leave. We were under siege and Black women seemed to be bearing the brunt of hostility, job loss and more. Gap years or extreme self-care became a part a number of my conversations. And even though I was little embarrassed by how long it took me to publish this episode, the time was right. I know a number of Black women who’ve left the United States with the goal of leaving permanently. Roshida Dow and Stephanie Perry founder of Vaycarious helped educate and inspire women of all ages to focus on self. I’m excited to tell you that Roshida’s platform has grown since we spoke and I hope you’ll enjoy hearing about the business when it was at the beginning stages. You’ll hear some of her doubts and concerns.

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Show Notes

  • Gap years for gownups! What is this exactly and why do I love it even though I’ve FIRED my 9-5 pm.
  • Roshida Dow an introduction! Lawyer and Yoga teacher who’s been on a gap year. *Years*
  • Practice law for 13 years (consumer auto finance)
  • Moved back to California to work for a startup. I think I know which one it was.
  • Her yoga world normalized the idea of taking time off and then she looked at her financial numbers.
  • 2009 (The Great Recession) was her first lay off and how it impacted her financial decisions.
  • Her job called people “Family” then they got laid off
  • She found a new job and it’s interesting how she learned her role.
    • Her supervisor was a huge support in her learning process. Learning on the job.
  • “It looked therapy” (Her Gap Year)
  • Roshida shared how she economized and how it impacted her future decisions.
    • Paid off mortgage
    • No car expenses
    • Solid career experience
    • Immigrant experience
  • Asking herself what’s “the end?” With having to be “more”
  • Where did she decide to go on her Gap Year

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Show Notes (Cont)

  • How was Shida’s on the Loose born?
  • Helping other Black women experience freedom that they didn’t think was possible.
    • Why wouldn’t I go?
  • Mexico City was the place that she landed after spending time in Asia and Africa.
  • The US keeps trying to kill Roshida off
  • It’s 2019 at the time we have this discussion. As far as I’ve observed things have changed with monetization of this project.
  • Roshida took Make Money with Ebooks
  • She’s laying a foundation of growth for the future.
  • I ask about the roadblocks that people feel will impact and stop people from future travel.
  • Roshida is FIRE. Financially Independent Retire Early
  • What is it like to live in Mexico City and 3 pieces of advice for someone looking to do a Gap Year.
  • Roshida shares how much she traveled during her initial Gap year.
    • I freak out
  • We talk about learning languages when abroad. Roshida shares her rule and it’s hilarious.

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Youtube: Shida’s on the Loose

Instagram: Shidad

Twitter: @shidaotl

Other Resources Mentioned

Stephanie Perry of Vaycarious


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