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15 Podcasting Mistakes Guests Should Try to Avoid

Being a guest on a podcast is a wonderful way to get in front of other communities aligned with you and your brand. You can share your story, help others, connect with new people and grow your email list. Before going on your next show, spend some time reading through this list in order to avoid making podcasting mistakes that will ruin your experience and the experience that the listeners have with you.

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Podcast Guest Mistakes to Avoid

Here is a short list of some mistakes that podcasting guests unintentionally make.

  • Assuming that the host is organized-Once the host has confirmed that you’ll be a guest on their show, pay attention to the details. Did they tell you what to do next?
    1. Are you clear on the logistics of the interview?
    2. Did they tell you when they will contact you with additional information around the tech for the show?
    3. Do you know what the interview’s purpose is and what you’ll be talking about? If this doesn’t happen earlier enough for you, reach out to them and ask questions about everything that you’re wondering about.
  • Not having a basic podcasting set up-Your podcasting kit doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need the following:
    1. A good microphone
    2. Headphones-Apple ear pods are fine
    3. A VERY quiet room to record in
  • Not having a designated podcast recording space-I almost always record from my bedroom because it’s quiet and delivers a consistently clean sound. Having a designated space that you always use just makes life easy.
  • Being disorganized-If you’re a guest on someone’s show, be in your recording space early. Don’t schedule something before the interview and then running late. Be prepared and be on time. Many hosts may have other episodes being recorded on the same day. Or, they just have a life LOL! A half hour before your interview-get set up. Don’t pull over in a car and do the interview because you planned badly. It makes the host feel like you aren’t respecting their time or taking the interview seriously.
  • Not being prepared-Have your talking points ready! Know which resources you would like to share with the audience when appropriate or the opportunity comes up. Have clarity on who the host’s audience is and the goal of having you on their show.
  • Not familiarizing yourself with the show-Listen to at least one episode! Do some basic research so that you know what their interview style is like and what to expect.

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Additional Podcast Interview Mistakes to Think About

  • Lack of intentionality-Don’t just randomly pitch every show that’s out there that vaguely feels like it’s a good fit for you. Create a criteria around which shows you would like to be a guest on and what impact you would like to leave their community with.
  • Not leading with the audience-This is huge. You have to think about and consider audience needs first and foremost. Are you pitching a book? That’s secondary to whatever wisdom you would like to share with the listeners. Sharing a membership? That’s secondary to the helpful content that you need to share with the audience. Building your email list? Secondary to helping people before your “ask”
  • Not creating a basic framework for the shows you’re a guest on-Here’s what that looks like.
    1. Show duration that you will agree to. Some guests will only be available for 20 minute interviews. If a show has 2 hour interviews, it’s probably not a good fit.
    2. The type of content being shared-is it in alignment with your brand?
    3. Does the host edit their shows? Do you care?
  • Mocking accents-Typically, this happens in a joking way with no malicious intent behind it. If you’re recording an episode that has audience made up primarily of people who are from the place that you’re mocking…you may have really pissed some people off unintentionally. If you’re looking to attract these listeners to you and your brand, you may have inadvertently repelled them.
  • Acronyms-Always share what an acronym means. Do not assume that the listeners know what they mean. It’s really annoying to have people drop acronyms and no clue what they mean. It lessens the listener experience.
  • Not marketing your episode-Most hosts hope that you will market your episode. They won’t force the issue though. Marketing your podcast episodes as a guest is a huge deal. You will attract more interviews as hosts will likely refer you to other shows, grow your brand and strategically connect more people with you and the content that you’re creating.
  • Forgetting to share disclosures during your conversation-It’s important to understand why disclosures are so important. You don’t want to talk about investing in crypto hypothetically and then someone takes your advice and they lose everything. Then that person references the episode where you unintentionally shared advice.
  • Not designing a universal resource that can be shared as an opt-in-Not everyone can design unique resources for every show that they’re on. Make things easy on yourself and have at least one universal opt-in that you can share with the show’s audience. Ideally, you’re talking about the same topics on the different shows you’re a guest on.
  • Not sharing stories during your interview-stories connect people to you. Share your stories! You’re designing a story brand.

Bonus Tips

Here are a few additional tips before recording your next episode:

  • Once an interview is scheduled send over your marketing details PRIOR to the interview.
    • Headshot
    • Biography
    • Website
    • Social Media Handles
    • Helpful opt-in
  • Have fun being on the show
  • Making it obvious when you dislike the interviewer or the direction it’s going. Sometimes this happens and you just have to rally.
  • Engage with the host’s social media channels when the episode goes live. Answer questions, share the episode and be “present”

Guest Appearances on Podcasts

Being a guest on a podcast is a helpful strategy to warm up a new audience fast to you and your brand. Show up authentically and give 100% to the host and the listeners of their show. Always consider the following question “What’s in it for them?” Them is in reference to the audience. Lead with their needs first and you should receive fantastic feedback about your episode.

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