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Creating a Travel Content or Locale Based Business with Carrie Smith Nicholson from Hashtag Colorado

In this episode, you’ll hear me referencing hiking the Colorado Trial in 2021. I’m going to tell you right now that didn’t happen. In fact, I could tell as I edited the show that the COVID strain had hit. And shortly after this episode was recorded I ended up taking a break from several parts of my business. It has taken me over a year to get back into the swing of things and I’m excited to share this conversation with my friend Carrie Smith Nicholson. She’s a bad ass. What we didn’t mention in the show was that she sold her first blog for almost $100,000 grand and that she wrote the book “The Ultimate Guide to Selling a Blog: How to Sell a Blog for Six Figures and Be Your Own Broker.” Her new business “Hashtag Colorado” has grown significantly in the past year and if you’re a person considering creating a destination based website or travel content-listen up. In fact, there were a couple of tips that I’m going to be using right away now that I’m focusing on growing my website “Square State Colorado”

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Show Notes

  • This episode was recorded during the summer of 2020
  • Carrie Smith Nicholson-I mess up her introduction. She takes over and introduces what she’s working on.
    • 2011-Blogging and Podcasting
    • Hashtag Colorado
    • Wrote 2 amazing books as well (shouts our yours truly)
  • Ryan is from Colorado and Carries is from Texas and that shared experience guides the Hashtag Colorado content.
  • We address the fact that we both run projects focused on Colorado content.
  • If you’re interested in creating travel based, this episode is for you.
  • What is the Hashtag Colorado mission and how has 2020 affected the mission?
    • There were so few resources about Colorado that there was an opportunity to fill the gap
    • Carrie’s background in accounting directly influences the content that they share.
  • Carrie’s Cost of Living resource
  • There are tons of opportunities to create evergreen content in the travel space (even during COVID)
  • We talk about content that travel and location focused content creators could generate.
  • What are the every day life situations that content creators could provide helpful tips on?
  • Texas wiper fluid vs. Colorado wiper fluid=the environments are very different.
  • Crafting personal perspectives and how it relates to “me” or the people you’re trying to serve?
  • Carrie shares how she’s built up consistency into her business and podcast. This is a fantastic tip.
    • She and her husband set up seasons and did 10 episodes a season. In 2020, they increased their frequency. There is focus on avoiding being tone deaf.
    • Consistency is what works for the CONTENT CREATOR and then the audience will pay attention (as will Google and Search Engines)
  • I share my painful experience doing the Manitou Incline.
  • Travel content and a pandemic…
    • The innocence of my “We’re going to be dealing with this for another year.” Clearly, the pandemic is going to be around for longer than that. Painful.
    • Update your previous content
    • Create content with “now” in mind
  • I mention Pearl Street in Boulder cordoned off. I was correct about that.
  • Carrie spends a lot of time focusing on analytics and SE
  • Two tips for online content creators
    • Focus on your niche and be the source.
    • Choose your platform and money making method and STICK TO IT.
    • They are NOW on YouTube. Focus on the foundation.
    • They do focus on Pinterest
    • Blog ads + Local Brands and Sponsorships
  • We talk road trips and our impact on the places that we’re going to.
  • What about a year from now? What should content creators be considering.
  • Leave in room for last minute changes
  • Create content 6 months ahead of the actual upcoming season
  • I ask if Carrie has been surprised by the response to this project.
  • We talk about monetization for the Hashtag Colorado podcast
    • Sponsors
    • Local Brands and Business Owners
    • Health initiatives with UC Health
    • Ebooks

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  • Instagram: hashtagcoloradolife
  • Youtube

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