Michelle Jackson

Helping Values Aligned Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses and Thrive

Michelle works on a couple of different projects. Below you can find the project that best fits your area of interest.  

Contact Michelle: moneyonthemountain@gmail.com

A podcast and website focused on having thoughtful conversations about money. These conversations always lead with empathy, respect and focus on the ultimate ideal outcome=equity. 

If you’re looking to grow a platform in this space you can make money while leading with empathy.

The Brand Building Lab

A podcast and website where Michelle helps entrepreneurs thoughtfully design their best lives through the creation of businesses with impact. 

Square State Colorado

A podcast and website all about the State of Colorado from a Colorado local’s perspective-who also happens to be a person of color. Content leads with how to support local businesses, shares POC and allied businesses and organizations and other topics unique to Colorado.

As a published non-fiction and fiction author, Michelle absolutely loves supporting new authors during their writing journey. If you’re looking to self-publish your first book, Make Money with Ebooks may be the course for you. 

Romance Author

Michelle also is a published romance author and runs a website and podcast for fans and writers in that space. Since she has a pen name, that project is on a “need to know” basis.